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Its here because i love it
because it inspires me..

New cover Spanish Esquire

Esquire from Spain is always aesthetic beautiful & smart, see here my fav Spanish cover out of 2010 and this one you definitely gonna see in the best cover round up of 2011.

Editor in chief: Andrés Rodriguez
Creative director: Clara Montagut, her design department carries this great blog
Photo Editor: Diego Martinez
https://flic.kr/p/giZYRL (via Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

Sunrise at Snoqualmie Falls

Depression is an inability to construct a future.


Last sundays cover The New York Times Magazine
New York Times Magazine also carries an ace blog called “The 6th Floor” , a fun read.
Gail Bichler: Design Director Kathy Ryan: Director of Photography Designers: Raul Aguila , Ben Grandgenett and Jason Sfetko  Design Associate: Audrey Rodriguez

Jean Langkau